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Students in Northern Ireland

Students in Northern Ireland

Students in Northern Ireland are represented by NUS-USI. You can find out more about their campaigns here.

Education and training policy is devolved to Northern Ireland, meaning the result of Northern Ireland Assembly elections will have the biggest impact on education in NI. The results of UK General Elections does not impact education policy in NI, but it will impact the Northern Ireland Executive's overall budget - which is spends on things like education.

Other policy areas devolved to Scotland include:

  • The NHS, healthcare and social services
  • Housing, tenant rights and rents
  • Economic development
  • NI Assembly and local elections - including voting age
  • Environment and planning
  • Justice and policing
  • Some aspects of energy, transport and benefits

For a full list of devolved powers click here.

Are you a student in Northern Ireland with a big ideas about how education in NI should work? Leave feedback below.