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We are Students

Download the full Manifesto for our Future here

There’s no singular type of student. We’re of all ages, cultures, faiths, and backgrounds. Some of us are training for a specific job and some of us are learning with no career in mind yet. Some of us leave home to study, some of us commute, and some of us study online. Some of us have scraped together the money to retrain because our industries are changing so rapidly.

The truth is that we’re all students at one point or another in our lives. Being a student means investing in our own future and the future of our societyIn a few years’ time, we will be teachers, nurses, electricians, pilots, doctors, vets, dentists, carers, actors, musicians, artists, engineers, coders, scientists, therapists, analysts and data experts.

But what sort of future are we heading towards? Honestly, the future is looking pretty bleak. The cost-of-living crisis, the crisis in the NHS, the mental health crisis, the housing crisis, the climate crisis. We’re becoming the Crisis Generation.

To change the future, we have to act now. We need a new vision for our future that disrupts the crisis cycle and prioritises quality of life and protecting our planet. As an absolute bare minimum, we need a government willing to alleviate the impacts of the crisis cycle on people’s lives here and now.

But the only thing worth our votes at the next General Election is a vision for a decent future for people and planet with a credible plan to deliver it.

So, to politicians and parties looking for our votes we say… This is our future. We’re here for it. Are you?

The Manifesto

Our vision is of a future where people can thrive, not just survive. We believe radical, bold change is needed. But we know that’s not easy: our Manifesto brings together pragmatic realism and concrete suggestions that can make a concrete difference to students’ lives in the first 100 days of a new government, with the visionary hope that we all need for the future.

Section 1: In the first 100 days, break the student crisis cycle

Students are struggling with basic necessities like food, rent, and travel. 94% of students are cutting back on necessities. Our studies and our health are suffering. We need urgent action. Click here to read this section on our policy ideas.

Section 2: Invest in a thriving future, invest in education

Education is the only thing that will equip us to solve the great challenges of the future. But the funding model is at breaking point. No more sticking plasters: we need funding and curriculum reform. Click here to read this section on our policy ideas.

Section 3: Homes for our futures

We have 50p per week left after our rent. Inflated property value harms everyone other than the lenders. And it is the single biggest factor in the cost-of-living crisis. Click here to read this section on our policy ideas.

Section 4: A welcoming and inclusive future

The ‘hostile environment’ and the ‘culture wars’ have divided our society, stoked hate, and increased racism. On top of that, it costs our economy when we can’t fill essential jobs and when international students can’t live, work, and study here. Click here to read this section on our policy ideas.

Section 5: A healthy future

The mental health crisis and the crisis in the NHS are only symptoms of our generation being poorly paid, stressed, and the oppression we face. We need to address both the mental health crisis right now and the root issues that are making us unwell. Click here to read this section on our policy ideas.